blue_hayze's Journal

20 November 1980
YAY! Its my live journal account where I can keep up with gamer friends of the furry fandom. A fandom that I have grown to love. I first came upon the furry fandom when I first got a computer at the age of 15 with a little online comic strip named Sabrina. I am still in my shell about expressing myself freely. I always been a shy person, so I never really delved into the whole chatting online thing and joining certain groups. I guess its from too many bad experiences when I did try to chat.

I am recently enrolled at the University of Phoenix online getting a degree in software engineering. Hopefully, I will make something of this. Mainly creating video games. I can't draw for beans but I can draw five beans. XD

I am a gamer 4life. My XBL Gamer Tag is the same as my LJ account. No underline, tho. just Blue Hayze